Watkins Menthol Camphor

Menthol Camphor Ointment 12g

R 41

Our famous Watkins MCO is a smooth, translucent ointment, with an odour of menthol and camphor. Applied externally, camphor acts as a rubefacient and mild analgesic.

It is useful for:

  • Headaches, neuralgia, rheumatic pains and is mainly used to relieve symptoms of bronchitis, sinusitis and similar conditions.
  • Symptomatic relief of chest colds, and as a counter irritant in fibrosis neuralgia.
  • Relieves itching in pruritus and urticarial.


  • Camphor – A decongestant – when applied to the chest the aroma helps to clear blocked nasal passages.
  • Menthol – Menthol applied to the skin dilates the vessels creating a sensation of coldness followed by an analgesic effect. (Relieves pain)

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Rub liberally onto chest, throat and back, twice daily. For external use only.

DO NOT PUT INTO NOSE OR MOUTH. DO NOT USE NEAR BABIES EYES. As an inhalant place a small portion into hot water and inhale gently of the vapours or use in a humidifier. For relief of aching joints of fibrosis rub on gently and keep area warm.

STORAGE INSTRUCTIONS: Store in a well closed container protected from light. Store below 30°C. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Rub under the feet and on the backs only of children under the age of 2 years.

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