How WATKINS Enriches lives:

For over 83 years, Watkins has remained the top quality health and beauty brand that can be enjoyed and afforded by all. The range includes: health and home care products, women's and men's fragrances and body care, skin care, foot care and hair care, as well as fashion accessories. Watkins is proudly South African as the products are manufactured in our own country. Here at Watkins we are passionate about enriching lives by supporting our distributors and agents to earn money through the sales and distribution of Watkins products!

Watkins is where financial growth in business is supported and rewarded; our products are quality and exclusive and above all, affordable.


  • Earn an income from your sales
  • Free joining and training
  • Guaranteed profits
  • Incentive prizes (gifts if you target and up to 7% kick-back on sales from your team)
  • Increase your earnings as you grow your business
  • Quality and locally produced health and beauty products (Watkins support local)

Just join today and earn a commission of 22% and upgrade yourself to earn up to and including 40% commission.



  • You must be 18 years or older
  • You do not need any qualification
  • You must be able to communicate well
  • You should preferably have a mobile phone
  • You must be passionate about buying and selling Watkins products at a profit
  • You must be determined to make a success of your life


  • If buying and selling is not in your blood, but you can encourage people to join Watkins as a Distributor, you can earn 5% on their paid sales. This money is then paid into your bank account! Wow!!


WATKINS is committed to nurturing and training you to be the best and most successful Entrepreneur you can be!



Rudolph, Independent Distributor.

Rudolph grew up on Waterval outside Tulbagh with his great grandmother and only went to school up to standard 2. Many years later in 1978 he joined Watkins as a distributor. Over the years, he bought himself a house with his 'Watkins money', put his children through school and was able to save extra money. All these years Uncle Rudolph has been delivering his parcels on his bicycle and even today at the strong age of 86, it keeps him fit and healthy. He attributes his success to Watkins' good products. These are especially the Menthol Camphor ointment and oil as well as the herbal disinfectant and Kure-All cream. So says Uncle Rudolph, "As long as my health is good, I will still sell the products and deliver them promptly to my customers.".

Ryan, Independent Distributor.

“After I passed my senior certificate exams, I could not get a job anywhere because of my epilepsy. I joined Watkins as an Independent Distributor in 1990. Initially, I was very withdrawn and had no confidence, but still, I started selling door to door. In the beginning it was a huge struggle, but I persevered. As the years went by, my confidence improved and the business started to grow! Within a short time, I bought a bicycle and then later, a car!  I believe with GOD and a positive attitude you cannot go wrong. During my time with Watkins, we have never missed a meeting – at the meetings we have been constantly motivated to set our goals higher. My aim in life is to give people the same opportunity I was given – I also wish to improve and to make a difference in people’s lives!”

Maggie, Independent Distributor

“I joined Watkins Valeur in 2009 as an Agent. For my hard work and dedication, I was promoted to a Distributor. During my time as a Distributor, I have managed to appoint approximately 65 dedicated Agents. I nurture these Agents from being average to the best they can be and I would like to have even more Agents and to promote them to Distributors as well! In 2018 I was rewarded for my hard work and won a car with Watkins. I have also managed to build a house for my mother and am planning to build my own soon. Once again, I would like to THANK almighty GOD who gave me the power of doing this. I thank Watkins so much.”

Marietjie, Independent Distributor

“You see, I grew up with Watkins, it is in my blood and I cannot fathom my life without it. I strongly feel that the key to our success in our distributorship has been through the ongoing support of our team of Agents.  We see ourselves as part of an important process whereby we strive to financially grow each Agent by securing an income, the security of having food on the table for him or her. Each day I am focussed on doing the best I can to succeed since there is a team of Agents that are depending on me to do so. We are all integrated and connected as one body. We are Watkins, a stronghold of support who have joined hands in making a success in each other’s lives!”