Watkins has been a proud part of South Africans’ lives for over 80 years. 

Our strong identity, superior-quality products and grass-roots approach to business have kept us relevant throughout the generations. 

People of all ages have benefitted from our affordable homecare, healthcare, fragrances and beauty products. 

At our core, we at Watkins are problem-solvers. We understand the needs of our customers and create the perfect products at affordable prices to solve these needs. 

We have also seen the wider problems in our society such as unemployment and poverty. We strive to strengthen the South African economy and promote small business through our organisation.

All of our products are locally manufactured according to ethical and sustainable practices.

We also pride ourselves on our grass-roots development of local, independent Distributors and Entrepreneurs. Since the 1940s we have been a pioneer in the direct selling industry - empowering women all over the country to create their own businesses by selling Watkins products to their friends, families and local communities. We are immensely proud of these hard working individuals and humbled to play a role in helping them to gain additional income and greater financial independence.

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