Keep the germs at bay with our HERBAL DISINFECTANT

From doing laundry to preparing meals — every day measures to help protect your family. Keep the germs at bay this winter with our HERBAL DISINFECTANT that can be used as a general-purpose disinfectant, cleaner and sanitizer.

A clean home and working environment may reduce the spread of infections caused by the common cold or flu.

Dilutions for Multi-Purpose Disinfection:
• DILUTE 1:50 with clean water – general disinfecting and hand sanitizer.
• DILUTE 1:10 with clean water – use in hair salons, on combs, brushes and razors.
• DILUTE 1:20 with clean water – used for general hygiene in hotels, restaurants, bakeries and laundries.
• DILUTE 1:50 with clean water – for stains on wool and lighter colour carpets.
• Use 5ml in the last cycle of the washing will leave laundry germ-free and it will remove unpleasant odours.
• Mix 2.5ml with your Dishwashing Liquid for an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial liquid that will foam.