Pulse by Breyty : Our new Men's Fragrance

In Breyton’s professional career as a Springbok rugby player and renown television presenter, he has travelled the world and experienced all its splendour. Still there is no place like home. The freshness of Die Koue Bokkeveld; the salty-ness of Atlantic ocean; the scent of oranges served at half time during school rugby matches; the aroma of cardamom, sage and rosemary of his Mom’s cooking; the musk- perfume of his first high-school sweat-heart! This is the building blocks to Breyton’s fragrance portfolio. Memories of the heart in a bottle!

“We believe that your sense of smell is the most powerful sense as it is linked the closest to memories, emotions and creativity. In a heartbeat, scent has the power to make your body react on a decision before you've even perceived what is happening.”

Pulse by Breyty is the first celebrity fragrance by Watkins. The development of this captivating fragrance is where chemistry and artistry were not only united, but also treated with equivalent levels of respect and appreciation.
Evoking the spirit of this contemporary man, Pulse is the alchemy of scents personifying who Breyton is; carefully capturing the nuances of his strength, confidence and tenderness. The development of this new-generation fragrance remains one of our highlights of 2021; celebrating new beginnings and being grateful for life!

Pulse, why did you choose this name for the new fragrance:

The fragrance embodies light, life and ambition. The unceasing rhythm within that drives you. It also is a play on his surname, Paulse.

What does the packaging symbolise:

The strong symmetrical lines of the ombre blue glass bottle and silver industrial shaped cap resonates freedom and strength. Blue represents both the sky and the sea and is associated with freedom, intuition, imagination, inspiration, and sensitivity. Blue also represents trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, stability and faith. And, of course Breyton’s favourite colour is blue.

Describe the fragrance:

The scent unfolds from fresh Sea and Citrus notes into a blend of sensual base notes of Musk and Brazilian Rose- and Sandalwood. An attractive and alluring fragrance for every day wear. The ultimate call of freshness and conquest.

Top notes:

Fir, Lemon, Orange, Cardamom, Petitgrain and Sea Notes

Middle notes:

Rosemary, Lily-of-the-Valley, Jasmine, Rose and Sage

Base notes:

Musk, Vetiver, Oakmoss, Brazilian Rosewood and Sandalwood

Breyton’s humility in his journey to success is unceasing; his gratitude in his heritage is unbroken; his aspiration for sincerity and sensibility is limitless. It is real, you can sense it. It comes from the heart, it is Pulse.

Not only is Breyton a pioneer in South African sport. He is the first professional sportsman in South Africa with his own and personal fragrance!