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Earthlife Aloe Vera Juice 500ml

R 225

Earthlife Aloe Vera Juice extract is a health drink with fortified Vitamin C.

This health drink with many curative qualities helps and aids in relief of digestive and arthritic pains, stomach and mouth ulcers, general nausea and kidney related problems. The synergistic effect of all nutrients helps to boost the immune in chronic illnesses such as Tuberculosis and HIV Aids sufferers whom are severely affected by GIT ailments. For diabetics this Aloe Vera Juice improves the blood and sugar balance within the body. The Watkins Earthlife Aloe Vera Juice improves good health and intestinal functions by boosting the appetite and provides nutrients otherwise lost in cooked food.


Take 15-20ml of juice in the morning and evening with or without water.

INGREDIENTS:(per 15ml)

Aloe Vera Extract (900mg), Aloe Vera Bitter (7.5mg), Vitamin C (10mg).

Preservative: Sodium Benzoate. Sweetened with Sodium Saccharin.

Safe for children & adults. Suitable for diabetics, patients suffering from hypertension, pregnant and lactating women.

CAUTION: When on numerous chronic medication, please consult with your doctor.

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