Damaged Hair Fix: SHEER VELVET

Most of us can relate when we think about our hair as a part of our personality. And having healthy and vibrant looking hair, makes us feel more confident.

Taking care of our hair needs to be an important part of our daily routine.

A helpful tip is to think of haircare to be like health care. We take so much time daily caring for our bodies often neglects hair care. We use vitamins and minerals to protect our bodies and keep them healthy.

But what about our hair?

Sheer Velvet Hair Range protects hair from external damage and providing the needed vitamins our hair requires daily.

The Sheer Velvet Shampoo and Conditioner will leave your hair soft, shiny and silky smooth. While providing the hair with the needed nutrients to help the hair follicles grow longer and stronger. Enriched with Bergamot Oil and Coconut Oil, the Sheer Velvet Shampoo and Conditioner will stop hair from falling out and promote hair growth.

Extra vitamins and proteins that will bring your hair back to life. And give you back your confidence.

When you apply this before blow drying your hair, the extra proteins provided will enable the hair to protect itself from the heat leaving your hair feeling hydrated, healthy and smooth. Sheer Velvet Hair Food, nourishes the scalp and hair aiding with damage. With added moisturising emollients to aid in stronger growing hair. Thus, this product makes hair styling a breeze.




Apply to wet hair, lather and rinse. If necessary, wash again.



Wash and rinse hair, then apply generously. Leave on for at least three minute before rinsing thoroughly. For best results use Sheer Velvet Shampoo.



Rub thoroughly into hair every day before styling. For best results use with other Sheer Velvet products.