Pamper Mom This Mother’s Day with our ATS Range

Mother’s Day is the 8th of May, which means that if you are still wondering on how to spoil your mom, aunt, grandma, family-friend, or any other mother figure that has shown you love and support.

We are here to help.

Show how much you love and appreciate her with a little help from the Advance Treatment Series Range to pamper the favourite lady in your life.

1. Cleanse the skin well.

Before you do anything to the face, you need to start with a clean canvas. Any makeup or product left on the skin will result in a less effective facial. The ATS CLEANSING MILK is the perfect cleanser to remove impurities and make-up thoroughly while maintaining the skin’s moisture level.

Apply the ATS CLEANSING MILK to a dry face and neck with sweeping movement. Massage in small circular movements Remove with damp cleansing sponges.

2. Steam the skin.

Steaming helps the face to open up pores and soften the top layer of the skin to prepare it for exfoliation.

To steam the face, soak a towel in hot water and put it over your face for a few minutes.

(Make sure that the water isn’t too hot – otherwise it might burn the skin.)

3. Exfoliate to smooth and brighten.

Any good facial involves exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and reveal radiant skin.
The ATS PERFECT SOLUTION AHA CREAM naturally exfoliates the skin, increasing cell turn over. Different from a ‘scrub’ that might cause irritation to the skin.

After applying the, wait 5 minutes before continuing with the final steps.

4. Moisturise the skin.

One of the biggest keys to achieving a radiant glow is well-moisturized skin. The ATS CERAMIDE PERFORMANCE DAY CREAM seals in moisture, improves cellular cohesion, restores cell functions and protects the skin in a calming and soothing way.

5. Don’t forget the eyes.

Finish of the facial with the ATS EYE FIRMING CREAM to refresh the eye area while reducing inflammation and irritation.

Apply the ATS EYE FIRMING CREAM to the eye area with ring finger, pat gently onto the skin.