DREAM BIG, WORK HARD & STAY HUMBLE - She is Success Lekabe



She is a TV and Radio presenter, Motivational Speaker and former Protea Netball Player. She is intelligent, beautiful and kind. She is Success Lekabe.

Born and bred in Potchefstroom, Success moved to Cape Town in 2016 where her southern journey in media was cemented with Bok Radio. Following in the pioneering footsteps of Felicia Mabuza-Shuttle, Success joined the dynamic team of women-only presenters of the renowned TV talk show, Tussen Ons in 2018. Speaking 6 languages, Success has captivated us not only with her beauty and sultry voice, but also the earnest content of the message she brings across.

Her success did not fall in her lap, it boils down to dreaming big and working even harder; and as she says: “Dreams are such amazing things, they motivate you to go out there and try and achieve things and become a better version of yourself; it doesn’t really help just having a dream, you’ve got to put things in place in order to achieve those dreams.” Watkins is honoured to be part of her journey and showcasing the beauty and strength of Success!

What is the biggest life lesson you have learnt?
The only person in control of your life is your-self! We live in a time where you need to create your own opportunities. Go out and live your dream!

Is family and community important to you?
I grew up with a very big family. Family is where a lot of our fundamental lessons are taught and characteristics are instilled. Community I believe is where we get to implement it. So many different communities. Whether it be schools or businesses, they go hand in hand.

If there is one thing you can change in the world, what will it be?
Oh wow. That is a very loaded question. If I could focus on one thing of the many things I would like to change, that would be to focus more on what we have in common than our differences. Think that can bring us closer together. You are not alone.

How do you add value to other people’s lives?
By listening. By listening means that you are making time for someone and actually trying to comprehend what they are saying to you in that moment and in that way acknowledging what they have to say. It might be a small gesture but I believe it goes a long way. The best thing about it is that you learn so much about others and know how to treat or react to them.

What will be your greatest achievement?
There are a lot of small achievements throughout the years that just add to my greatest achievement. But there are 2 that sprig to mind and it is 2019 when I won best program and presenter of the year at our annual Bokkies award ceremony. Our talk show Tussen Ons also won a ATKV Media Feather for best entertaining program.

What is your best characteristic?
That I’m a very understanding person. I always try to see the best in people and situations.

What will be your “DREAM COME TRUE”?
Building a brand that will be able to take hands with bigger brands so that we can make a difference in our country and even the world.

What do you to have fun?
Friends and nature are an escape for me. Its either doing something going for a hike or experience the beautiful Cape Town with friends.

Any advice of being successful in what you do.
First you need to find out wat your passion is. Trust in the process that lies ahead of you. Never forget that hard work is the key to every door that is going to open up through your journey. You constantly need to align yourself with your dreams and goals. The most important is dealing with your failures. The quicker you accept that they are going to be disappointments and failures the faster you pick yourself up and get back on track.

What is your favourite Watkins product?
There is so much to choose from. At the moment it has to be the REBELLE EAU DE PARFUM. Stunning.