Make a Real Change


We have to find ways to facilitate and accelerate economic growth if we plan to successfully combat unemployment and poverty in our country. Did you know that more than a quarter of our population is currently unemployed? How about a further quarter of our population living below the poverty line? In South Africa more than 70% of the population falls within the lowest rung of the economic pyramid. The nationwide lockdown has rendered our people even more vulnerable, with the full extent of the socioeconomic impact and the ripple effect thereof only starting to manifest now. With many businesses and families being financially severely compromised, what remains undeniable is that the true sense of Ubuntu is needed for us as a community, to support one another by supporting local businesses and trade. I am because you are…


As a Watkins distributor, you can play an important role in stimulating economic participation, able to generate an alternative source of income to support your family and improve your lifestyle. Our distributor model is geared towards creating employment, a positive influence and impact on people while adding value to the economy. The real revolution has been in allowing distributors to create their secure future, and it is here that Watkins rolls up its sleeves and puts forward the proposition for you to be part of the leading brand in Health, Home and Beauty. Full training will be provided for new distributors and all distributors can start earning a commission once registered. Our health, home and beauty range includes high-quality products formulated and improved over many years. We are doing good, why don’t you consider doing good business? One fact is sure, life as we knew it before COVID and a nationwide lockdown will never be the same again. Having more than one income stream is the “new normal”. Watkins promotes accountable procurement, equitable trade and responsible environmental practices.



"My mommy and I started as distributors in 1990. I was withdrawn and had no self-confidence, but together we started selling. In the beginning it was a struggle, but we persevered. I started to learn about the benefits of the Watkins Valeur products and through feedback from my customers, I could see the benefits of using these affordable and quality products. As the years went by, my confidence improved and the business started to grow! Within a short time, I bought a bicycle and then later, a car! I believe with GOD and a positive attitude you cannot go wrong. During my time with Watkins Valeur, my mom and I have never missed a meeting – at the meetings we were constantly motivated to set our goals higher. My aim in life is to give people the same opportunity I was given – I also wish to improve and to and to make a difference in people’s lives!